Inventor & Developer 8765Art Technology

My name is Rob van Dijk and I live in the Netherlands.
After years of experience in various types of photography I was ready for a new chapter; the world of experimental photography.    
In 2013 I invented and developed the 8765Art technology to what it is today; a state of the art technology with endless possibilities.

This technology focuses on colour frequencies we normally cannot see with the human eye. I developed a camera with a built in chip to convert this colours into visible images. 

One of the first times I used this technology was in the Belgian ghost village of Doel where I made these unreal but astonishing pictures.

This breakthrough inspired me so much that after building my first camera, I decided to further develop the 8765Art technology and building another 5 cameras, each with its own unique technology chip.

Now my experimental photography with these unique cameras can be bought as exclusive wall art.
Every picture is unique and can be bought in a limited edition, so total exclusivity is therefore guaranteed. 

I’m constantly looking for the most amazing locations in Europe to make the most beautiful and exclusive 8756Art technology pictures.